Understand the people who love your business

Build your marketing database, track your demographics and overview your busiest days


Collect exportable marketing lists automatically


Visualise metrics on busiest times, days and months


Know the demographics your business appeals to


Compare and seperate multiple locations at once

Visualise the data metrics that matter

Use our Insights interface to overview the critical data metrics your WiFi is collecting. Easily digest your metrics with a simple and clear data dashboard.

Collect and grow your marketing lists

Every login your WiFi receives is another marketing profile that can be used with third party tools or our own marketing suite. Explore the data you collect in real-time with customer profiles.

Gain insights into customer behaviour

360° customer profiles unified with our Presence Detection technology gives you insights previously unavailable to small businesses. View data such as busiest times, busiest days, demographics and traffic over time.

Export all of your marketing data

Download a complete data-set of your customer profiles by CSV or use our built in integrations to automatically sync your data to where it needs to be.

Demographics graphic

Know your customer demographics inside out

Our 360° data collects basic social insights on the demographics your business appeals to. Visualise your main demographics and know your customer base.

Notifications graphic

Track how your customers are engaging with you

Our data gives you a birds eye view of customer behaviour. Know how customers interact with your business and track your marketing engagement.

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