It's as easy as 1-2-3

Just plug it in, power it on and start connecting

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1. Plug in your Beambox

Plug Beambox into your existing router using the provided cables

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2. Turn on the power

Wait 5 minutes while Beambox connects to your cloud account

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3. Get connected

Connect to your new guest WiFi network and see it in action

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Your new WiFi network

You get to pick a network name (SSID) for your new guest network. It isolates itself from your main network, keeping you legally compliant and secure.


Not as small as it looks

Your omni-directional Beambox is designed to maximise indoor coverage and support volumes of users simultaneously without compromising on speed.


How long does a Beambox installation take?

It takes just a minute or two to connect your Beambox and begin connecting your customers-graphic. Take a look at our setup video.

Will Beambox interfere with my current network?

Beambox is an extension of your network, not a replacement. Once plugged in, it will create an entirely new and separate network for your customers to use - This way there isn't any interference.

What will the Beambox cost me?

Your first Beambox is on us, each one covers an average 50m2 indoor range. If you have a large venue and need more, we can cost-effectively provide this at a one-off manufacture fee.

Am I able to change the SSID I chose later on?

Sure. Our engineers can remotely re-configure your device on request, it typically only takes us a few minutes. Just give us a call or live support us.

What compatibility does Beambox have with routers?

As long as Beambox has an ethernet connection, it's happy. That means it works with 99% of modems and business routers. If you want to double check your compatibility, give us a call!

Can I use multiple Beambox devices for better coverage?

Yes. Beambox is the most affordable way to launch a multi-point guest network around your entire premises. You can plug multiple Beamboxes and they will work together under the same SSID.

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