Delight your customers with WiFi that remembers them

Brand your WiFi, grow social media pages and control your network


Gain legal compliance and consumer safety


Customise the look and feel of your WiFi


Grow your social pages through WiFi logins


Limit daily usage to prevent customer loitering

One dashboard that keeps you in sync

Mission Control gives you the birds eye view you need over your businesses traffic and network usage, as well as the metrics on your social growth and marketing campaigns.

Customise your WiFi to reinforce your brand

Quickly customise your WiFi to show off your colours and reinforce your brand. Look professional and drive traffic straight to your website upon a successful connection.

Setup your WiFi login in just 5 steps

Completely customise the way your WiFi should feel and function in just 5 steps. Mission Control makes it easy to take control of your WiFi and have a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Grow your social profiles automatically

Add another step to your WiFi login with social stages that ask your customers to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Grow your following and social presence every time your customers connect.

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Keep everyone connected

Using social sign-ins, we remove the need for long passwords or frustrating forms. Give your customers a convenient login that gets them connected quickly.

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Take control of your WiFi

Set a time limit between 1 and unlimited hours. Protect your network from strain and prevent loitering customers from taking up seats for too long.

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