Keep your guests happy with a perfect WiFi experience

Make it quick to get online and connect your guests automatically when they return

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Take control of your WiFi with access management

Avoid loitering with time limits, manage bandwidth using speed limits and avoid out-of-hours connecting with powerful WiFi access settings.

3-steps to get online


Your guests login using their social media account, or by using their email address.


Depending on their login method, your guests can be prompted to follow you on social media.


Redirect them to your website, or display a landing page with a call to action button.

Have peace of mind that you are protected and compliant

Beambox launches an isolated guest network that prevents access to other systems on your network, such as payment gateways. Every guest is identified, ensuring your public network is both compliant and secure.

Key features

WiFi dashboard

Overview your networks activity and most recent guests in real-time.


Add your logo, colours and images to match the look and feel of your brand.

5-step login setup

Quickly get your WiFi login working the way you want with our 5-step setup.

Social media setup

Increase your followers on Facebook and Twitter with our social prompts feature.

Screenshot dashboard

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